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The sleep shop tagged as the sleep solution provider is the one stop for all your sleep requirements. Through its 28 years of retailing, The Sleep Shop has successfully established top class sleep care services complete with technology and research backed by SERTA America's leading mattress supplier and NATURATEX Malaysia's internationally reknown brand and "Best Product Award" receipient. The Sleep Shop carries the widest range of latex and spring mattress from SERTA and NATURATEX. Our dedicated sleep consultants will help you select the right mattress and together with our unique adjustable latex bed base, an individual customized comfort can be achieved. The ultimate option of our motorized bed system provides maximum comfort with adjustable positions for upper and lower body requirement. Choose from our selection of designer bed frames to compliment your bedroom setting and settle down to a luxurious slumber with our body pillow, bolsters, toppers and linens. Select from our range of bedding in memotex, latex, goose down, silk, cotton and polyester fiber.

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